TGMS Cases
The new display cases provided by TGMS have fronts that fit securely on the face of the case, eliminating vibration caused by sliding fronts into position. They also have solid wood sides, back, floor and with LED lighting that provides good light coverage and full spectrum color. They have clean, modern lines that give a striking visual presentation to the exhibit area. The cases have been redesigned with top channels into which liner panels can slide, providing a secure hold on the panels at the top of the case. This eliminates the need for tape to hold panels in place. Making your panels to the specifications below should mean easy, fast and secure installation. Graphics should either be pinned or otherwise fastened to a fabric case liner (see below) or incorporated into printed panels sized to substitute for one or more of the case liner panels.

Care of Cases
It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to take proper care of the case. YOU MAY NOT USE STAPLES, TACKS, or TAPE TO FASTEN LININGS, INSERTS OR GRAPHICS TO THE WALLS OR ANY OTHER PART OF THE CASE.

Risers and platforms add to the attractiveness of the display and may be made of finished wood, plastic, or Styrofoam blocks covered with lining material or any other material you design. Note that a riser can serve to hold graphics securely in place if they are designed with a “tail” that extends to the bottom of the case. Again, please note that none of these may be attached to the body of the case in any manner.

Use 1/8″ thick cardboard and cover it with an easy-care cloth. Foam-core board also works well, but is commonly thicker than 1/8″. Materials thinner than 1/8″ are NOT recommended. The inside face of the cardboard should be free of dirt and lettering since it might show through the cloth. Lining the inside face with white paper eliminates this problem and minimizes cardboard color “bleed through” if you use sheer material. When preparing the cardboard for the back and bottom of the 48” and 66” cases, score the cardboard in the center, tape the center joint for reinforcement and then put on the covering material. This allows you to carry the liners with relative ease. Care in handling your displays will allow you to use the material repeatedly. Large garbage bags are very good for keeping them clean during transport and storage.

All measurements listed below are INSIDE DIMENSIONS and are accurate for 1/4″ stock, including an allowance for fabric thickness. If you use stock that is thicker than 1/4″, or fabric that is thicker than a standard T-shirt fabric, you will have to adjust the measurements given below accordingly. Please pay close attention to the intended order of panel insertion as certain panels are designed to hold others in place. Be especially careful with riser length as multiple layers of folded fabric on the ends may have to be accommodated.

If you make your liners out of standard 1/8″ cardboard instead of a 1/4″ stock, simply add a second layer of cardboard to the side panels so they are 1/4″ thick and everything else will fit.